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Who dreads getting older?

Not me!

As I near my 50th, I’ve started to embrace my age and phase of my life. Normally, I dread decade birthdays- but not this one.

When I turned 20- I freaked out because I found a laughter line! First wrinkle! In hindsight, not really surprising that I had laughter lines starting....I w

as always a goofball, laughing, having a good time, and enjoying the sun- either at the beach or on the slopes.

When I turned 30, I had moved across the ocean with my boyfriend the previous month. I had re-started my

career, and was making all new friends. The icing on the cake was my boyfriend didn’t do anything for my birthday...although he DID give me the fifth instalment of a popular boy wizard series!

When I turned 40, even though I had just finished a half-marathon, and was probably in the best physical shape of my life, I wasn’t in a great mind set. My mother had passed away 2 months before my birthday from Motor Neurone Disease (ALS in North America), I was finding juggling work and two small kids stressful, and I found myself in a very dark place.

Even up until the middle of my 4th decade, I was miserable. I was a senior manager, technically near the top of my game, but I was working silly hours, leaving no time for family, friends or even me. My husband travels for work, and living away from family means I have no family support to help with the kids when I need it. I was left to juggle the kids and my career. So no surprise, I was tired, run-down, anxious, and a total rat-bag.

Finally, everything came crashing down, and I decided to quit.

Entering my 50s I’m in a very different place. I’m a full-time yogipreneur: I lead classes, workshops, retreats and do some coaching. I absolutely LOVE being my own boss. My kids are older and independent. I’ve found a new tribe. I have time for me to do what I love.

I’m more confident and definitely happier. I feel fulfilled in what I do- especially

leading my ‘Midlife and Me’ yoga classes to help empower other midlife women. The yoga, meditation and breath work (with the occasional sound bath) help me feel less anxious, less stressed, less irritable. They are the key to my sanity. I’ve found my spark again. I’m ready to embrace my laugh lines!

After all that life threw at me in the years leading up to 40, I made a choice. I could choose to hide or I could choose to be happy. I chose Happy.

Come on 50! Let’s do this!

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